Text Box: Re-crafted Furniture

I have always enjoyed working with wood.  My father is an independent contractor and as a child I would spend countless hours toting around my mini toolbox and nailing together random scraps of wood.  Later in life, my father taught me the skills necessary to strip wood furniture, apply stain, and fix sticky drawers and loose table legs.
These days I have started salvaging quality pieces at yard sales and second-hand stores that just need some extra love and attention.  I like to focus on pieces that would otherwise take-up ever diminishing space in our landfills.  I find that giving a piece of furniture a second or third life is one of the most satisfying things to do.

If you are interested in purchasing the furniture listed on this website or placing a custom order please email me at: 

“Farmhouse Dining Set”

Four ladder-back chairs, pedestal table, and two-piece china hutch! $995.00

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Explosion 2: SOLD !

“Hand-painted Rocking Chair”

Painted to match the wallpaper border in child’s room! $185.00


Explosion 2: SOLD !

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